Common Myths

coupleinsurance_420x315Common Myths and misconceptions about Life Insurance…


I can’t afford life insurance.

If you are married or partnered and relatively young, you can’t afford not to have it. Ask yourself, what would happen to our family if they didn’t have your income? Could basic expenses be covered on just one salary?

Only the breadwinner of the family needs life insurance.

Though a family with only one working parent may think they only have one income to protect, the truth is that should the stay-at-home parent suddenly pass, there are a number of costs that the family would incur. If you were to die, not only would that put an emotional strain on your partner, but it would put him or her in a financial bind. Daycare isn’t cheap, neither are long-term babysitters. The loss of the non-breadwinner in the family would cause increased child-care expenses for the breadwinner, which—even for the most highly-compensated breadwinner—can be a strain. This is an argument for non-breadwinners to purchase life insurance.

I am too young to think about life insurance.

“I am young and healthy and everything’s going just fine.” The truth is getting life insurance while you are young can help you save money and increase flexibility in the long run.

Making a policy choice can be overwhelming…

It’s true, there are many caveats surrounding this decision. Our approach is simple; we give you the tools and knowledge to help alleviate the stress.

I am single, I don’t need life insurance…

Maybe you own a business with debt, perhaps you are divorced/widowed/separated with children or your parents financially depend on you?  Need I say more, what are you waiting for?

I should always buy term and invest the difference…

Not necessarily.  There are distinct differences between term and permanent life insurance.  Our team will be happy to work with you to determine what is best for you and your situation.